Bravo’s Story

Written by Bravo’s Adopter
My adoption story started when I lost my cat to illness. It had been about eight months and my mother and I decided we should start looking for a friend since we had two very senior cats. I would always go look at all the cats up for adoption when we would go to the pet store. Months went by and I had not found the cat, or the cat had not found me.

Finally on a Friday night my mom and I needed to get more cat food and after we stopped to look at the cats like we normally would. The third cage on the top there was this precious little guy. He had this scared look on his face and I crouched down so my head was at his level and his eyes got all big. He stuck his little paw out and touched the glass when I heard a voice, “would you like to come see any of the cats?” I turned and gave my mom a look and she knew. I said yes. I went in and visited this little scared guy. His name was Bravo. When we opened the cage he sniffed my hand, rubbed his head on it and licked me. I was there for probably close to an hour talking to the volunteer and petting my new friend.

I left that night and I didn’t take him home with me. Though I could not stop thinking of him. I looked online for the adoption hours and went back the next day to visit him. Bravo recognized me and seemed excited to see me. My mom went in and met him on Saturday as well. We were there for almost two hours. I felt we were not quite ready to bring him home, so we rush home and got my room ready, filled out the paperwork, and bought some new cat stuff. The next day we were at the pet store an hour before the volunteer got there, waited by the door, and finally took him home with us.

The first few days we didn’t see much of Bravo. He made himself a spot under my bed. I woke up on the second night to find him watching over me while I slept from my desk. By the fourth day I would lay down on the floor by the edge of the bed and lift the blanket. When he would see me his eyes would bug out and he would start to purr. His purr would fill the bottom of the bed with sound. He would edge his way towards me and allow me to scratch his chin, but only if he was under the bed. By the end of the week he was sleeping on my legs in bed and helping me with my studies.
After two weeks of isolation in my bedroom, Bravo was ready to start to venture. The door to the rest of “the world” was open. By week four he had his spots in the first floor of the house with the other cats. Bravo and one of our older cats, Baby, became friends. During the day the two bathe each other and cuddle in sunny spots. Also, when I come back home the cat toys will be moved around the house along with unattended socks.

Bravo is a great companion. No matter what room I am in in the house he wants to follow. I have a new shadow. His eyes get big and sad when we leave the house and greats us at the door with such excitement. He helps us cook in the kitchen by hiding under the island and attacks your feet. He also likes to sleep with me at night. Somehow he seems to melt and becomes a liquid puddle of cat on the bed. He sleeps so soundly that I can pick him up and move him like a sleeping child without waking him. He drags toys around the house and asks to be played with. In addition to the adorable traits he is a great cat, a great friend, and a companion. I found out his story recently, he and fifty or so of his friends were from a hoarding house. They were all put up for adoption. I am so thankful to 4 Paw Luv for giving my best friend the chance at finding a forever home with me and his new cat family.

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